Belgium based software development company Spatie, well known by their many contributions in  open source Laravel community, just released new product called Mailcoach. What is mail coach and how it can be used in your Laravel app, read bellow.



Mailcoach is affordable solution for email marketing which can be used as standalone application, but also it can be easily integrated in your existing Laravel app. 

In the background, Mailcoach is using most reliable email delivery platforms available today: Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, or Sendgrid. By using this approach it can keep your CRM costs very low but still can offer excellent performance results.


What features does it offer?

Let's say you want to send custom email marketing campaign to your subscribers, and you want to track how many users have opened the email, how many clicked on the link or how many users unsubscribed from that specific email. You can easily set that up in Mailcoach and you will get nice overview of your campaign performance in real time.

This service can give you feedback about bounced emails and it can automatically remove them from your mailing list, keeping your list healthy and save you money on not sending these emails with zero returned value.


Overview of Mailcoach features


Mailcoach comes in 2 versions: as a stand-alone or as a package that can be integrated into any Laravel 8 project. One click installer can help you to start with stand alone version and if you want to integrate it in your existing Laravel project, you can easily include it as a package.


Spatie offers this handy app in two price versions:

  • Single domain =  €179
  • Ulimited domains, Saas integration = €999


You can find more info by visiting official website