By default, Laravel is running many requests just by loading simple index.php. The reason is the nature of PHP language, but things can get faster - here is how

Having a fast response time from your server is a must! Long loading time can decrease the SEO ranking and gives overall bad experience.

To speed up PHP processes you can use OPcache!

What is OPcache?

Every time when request comes to your application it needs to be compiled on PHP side and this can slow things down, especially when you have more connections at the same  time.OPcache is a module for PHP itself which can cache some of these processes, and therefore when same request comes next time - it can use already precompiled and cached resources.
This way of handling PHP repetitive processes can speed up your application a lot.

How to use OPcache in Laravel?

There is a great package which you can use to work with OPcache by using Laravel. The package is offering additional set of artisan commands to make it easier managing cached resources and you can find it here:

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