Best Visual code extensions for modern Laravel Developer in 2022. Here is the list of most useful extension for any Laravel dev.

When it comes about setting up your personal code editor, there is no right or wrong - it is all about your preferences and how do you like to have your environment. But couple of  tools are definatelly helpful, here is the list

1. Laravel Extra Intellisense

This plugin is helping you to autocomplete almost everything... from blade components, to env variables, routes...

  • Route names and route parameters
  • Views and variables
  • Configs
  • Translations and translation parameters
  • Laravel mix function
  • Validation rules
  • View sections and stacks
  • Route Middlewares
  • Asset
  • Model Attributes (Beta!)
  • Blade directives

More details you can find out on official extension page:

Having this plugin will already cover a lot of your work and it will help in so many different area of coding. But here is couple more

2. Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

Tailwind CSS has become a standard tool in Laravel tool set, and this plugin can definatelly help when suggesting and helping you to apply best classes:

3. Alpine.js IntelliSense

Working with AlpineJS? If not yet, you should check it... it can really simplify your JS part of application and this Visual code extension will help a lot:

4. Livewire Language Support

Livewire = simplicity of Laravel in your SPA lookalike application based on Laravel backend...sound strange.... well it's real - you should check if you already didn't

Anyway, use this extension to make development faster and coding cleaner 😁

OK, you maybe already realise it  - this set of extensions is actually used for TALL developers:

  • Tailwind
  • Alpine
  • LiveWire
  • Laravel

... so you maybe thinking...isn't there a package to install all of these extensions at once?

words of wisdom by Jules

Correcto mundo! Yes there is!

Check out this collection,

it will install for you all extensions mentioned above and couple more as well...

happy coding 👨‍💻