How to locate and update php.ini file on Mac OS device? well in this tutorial we will show you how.


OK, to find and locate php.ini   on your local machine, open terminal and first we have to  log in as admin, type:

                    sudo su


and after that type in your password.

Next, we have to find our php.ini file - type

                    php --ini

and the output should be something like:


OK, so our php.ini location is:




To edit it, we will open it using nano - type this

                    nano /etc/php.ini



Let's say we want to change memory_limit, scroll down in this file using your mouse scroll or arrow keys and find memory_limit = 128M  and just change it to, for example, 512


When you are done with your changes, press ctrl+x to close the php.ini, and type "Y" to save your changes - when asked.


To make everything work, restart apache:

                    apachectl restart


And, that is it 🖖