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How to install conda on your mac notebook?

1. check your python version:

                    python3 --version

2. download #conda package for your python version from this link

3. restart your terminal

4. check the installation, type in terminal:

                    conda --v
#conda 4.12.0
Igor Simic
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#python error The script is installed which is not on PATH

How to solve this issue?

Add this to the path:

                    export PATH="/Users/username/Library/Python/3.8/bin:$PATH"
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1 month ago

check out these useful #SEO tips and tricks by Matt Diggity:

How to use SEO to get more site visitors
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2 months ago
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Vizenzo Caponera
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Elon Musks laughs about Twitter πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

Does this mean the deal is off?

Igor Simic
4 months ago

Google Analytics 4 #GA4 walk trough and all basic features explained πŸ‘‡οΈπŸ‘‡οΈπŸ‘‡οΈ

GA 4 tutorial for beginners
Jason Miller
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#laravel how to check does request contain specific POST parameter. Actually there are couple of methods we can use in this case.
Here they are in another #laraveltip


// or


// or 

Jason Miller
5 months ago


Do you know how to show hidden model field just for specific query request? Do you know about makeVisible() method?
Checkout this #laraveltip

                    class User extends Model
// in our User model we are hiding id 
protected $hidden=['id'];


// select all users
$user = new User();
$users = $user->all();

// show id for this query

return $users; // will contain id

Jason Miller
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#laraveltip how to validate date in submit form❓️ Here is the simple example of validating different types of dates passed from submit form:

// eventDate = 16/02/2000
	'eventDate' => 'required|date_format:d/m/Y',