Floyk com
1 month ago

#laravel 9 how to add prefix to #jetstream routes? 
open config/jetsream.php and add:

                    'prefix' => 'app', // app will be prefix for all jetstream routes

Vizenzo Caponera
Edited 3 months ago
Stefan Baden
1 year ago

#jetstream profile photo not showing in #laravel

  • open config/jetstream.php
  • uncomment Features::profilePhotos()
  • run php artisan storage:link


Stefan Baden
1 year ago

#laravel #JetStream error when trying to register to newly installed app. Error looks like this:

                    Jetstream / Teams: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'current_team_id' in 'field list

solution is to run migrate refresh

                    php artisan migrate:refresh