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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, businesses have to adopt new ways to attract and retain customers. One such way is through advertising, and with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses can now create and optimize their ads more efficiently. In this blog post, we'll explore how AI is revolutionizing ad creation and copywriting.

Pick an Ad Size and Idea

Before we begin, let's pick an ad size and idea.
Let's say we want to promote our weather app. We want to have a photo of a big city after rain, at night. To be a little more creative, we can ask to generate a photo with a full moon in the distance on a starry night.

And this is what we got... not bad 

Use's Free Online Photo Editor

With's free online photo editor, you can type in what you want, and AI will generate it. We can now add a smartphone to the street image by marking the area of the photo where we want to have a smartphone. Then we can ask to add a smartphone device placed on the ground with a few drops from the rain on it. The AI will perfectly fit the smartphone into the image with shadows, lights, reflections, and everything.

Let's write this query:

And the output is this one:

Generate Ad Copy in Multiple Languages has another cool feature: generating ad copy in many languages. You can ask to create ad titles for your ad in multiple languages. For example, we can ask to generate ten titles for the ad promoting our weather app. The ad photo will represent the big city after rain at night. Here are ten titles that generated:

  • "Stay Ahead of the Storm with Our Weather App"
  • "Never Get Caught in the Rain Again with Our App"
  • "Plan Your Day with Confidence Using Our Weather App"
  • "Get Accurate Weather Updates Anytime, Anywhere"
  • "Stay Safe and Prepared with Our Weather App"
  • "Don't Let Weather Surprise You - Download Our App Now"
  • "Experience the Ultimate Weather App for Your City"
  • "Get Real-Time Weather Updates for Your Location"
  • "Stay Informed and Protected with Our Weather App"
  • "Be Weather-Ready with Our App - Rain or Shine"

Create the Ad

We can now create the ad by adding text to the canvas, choosing a font, and using the image and ad titles generated by We can create multiple versions of the ad for different platforms using's feature to add more pages for the same ad.

Wow! This. Is. Simply. Amazing.

Wait a second! Let’s step back and see what we actually got here:

We got the copyright-free image… for free! Just as we want it, without searching the internet to find something like this and then the price… ah ok, let’s not go through that again…

We got it in the perfect size… I forgot to mention there is a feature in to add more pages for the same ad, so one can be for Facebook, the second one for Instagram, TikTok…

We got the perfect ad copy… in multilanguage

And all of that, actually under 3 minutes!

It is unbelievable.

Anyway, visit, and check the templates — i have stored this exact ad as a Facebook template, and i also added one more version of it, in size for Instagram.