Recession is coming, your money is losing value and you will need additional source of income. Here are some solutions.

US economy and the economies of many countries worldwide are falling. Some dramatic news is spreading around while inflation is growing.

What can you do to reduce the loss of money in a recession?

The money that you have, will probably lose even more value because of recession and inflation, but maybe you can start creating additional streams of income by setting up a couple of easy money sources by doing things online that do not even require a lot of technical knowledge. 

You will need just your computer and time. 

1. Setup your website, write blogs and make money

That is easy to say but how can i do that, and how can i make money by just writing blogs?

Did you know that you can set up your website without programming knowledge? Well, yes you can.  And actually there is couple of options:

One of the most popular (and free) tools is WordPress, just go to their site and set up your first web page for free. If you would like to be more advanced and go beyond the default templates that the basic version of WordPress is offering, you can install a plugin for WordPress which can allow you to build your page by just using drag and drop elements, this plugin is called Elementor 

For those more advanced users, you can actually rent your own server and run WordPress there, the benefit is that there is no limitations or borders when you own your own hosting.

Another alternative to WordPress is this site is specialized in making SEO-optimized, fast, and reliable web pages. Wix is offering you option to set up your online store as well, so if you have some hobby that you can actually sell - maybe try Wix but we will talk more about selling later on in this article.

And maybe the fastest and easiest option is to use this website. Yes, on you can create your own account and write articles - FOR FREE.

OK, so now that we know how to set up a website what should I write about? We all have some talents, and hobbies that we are better in them than other people. Why not just start to writhe about that? For example, you are a fitness trainer, carpenter, truck driver, you know how to play guitar or some other instrument... or anything else why not share your tips & tricks, best practices or just your thoughts about it.
You could also use marketing tools to spread the word about your new website. Which will definitely get you a large audience on your site.

How to make money from your blogs?

There are a couple of ways, you can set up Google ads on your website and every time when someone clicks on it you will get a small percentage of money from Google.

Another way is to set up your online t-shirt shop and includes your t-shirt links to your blog. One of the biggest online t-shirt selling market is

These new generations love to watch videos, so you can create a free youtube account, record a video for the same topic, and include it in your blog. Your video will be visible on youtube and on your blog which will increase the number of views and increase the possibility for you to make money online. Youtube will display the ads on your video so you can actually make double the money on the same content.

How to sell t-shirts online?

Have you ever had an idea for an amazing t-shirt design? Well now, not only you can make it by yourself, but you can sell that same design to others as well. You will not need a printing machine, nor a printing office nor a store... all you need is a computer and a little bit of creativity. Go to this site:

Register and upload your design and you can immediately start selling not only t-shirts, but mugs, bags, hoodies, phone covers... and many other items.

If you are not sure how to create design for your t-shirts and other items, you can use this free online tool:

Canva is allowing you to create a unique design, and by using the link above you can use the free trial version. When you are done with are done with your logo, just save it on your computer and upload it to

Here is the overview of ideas and how much it will cost you to start any of them

Earn money by 
Initial investment
Google ads
Sell t-shirts
Online store
Youtube ads

That would be it for now. In the next article, we will cover e-commerce and different ways how to sell items online and money.

Stay tuned