Angular is the one of the most popular frontend JS framework, and there is a lot of UI frameworks build with bunch of ready to use components for it.

Here we are presenting 6 of them which you should check before starting your new project in 2022:

1. Ignite UI

As the frontend frameworks get more and more competition, we can see that some of them are just moving the bar higher. One good example of that is Ignite UI.

This Angular framework will help you code faster, it offers many ready-to-use components, data visualization, speed/performance, app builder.... actually, app builder by using drag & drop feature!
Definitely worth checking:

2. Angular Material

Angular Material is probably most complete UI Framework based on  Google Material UI and it is used by Google and many other projects


3. PrimeNG

Prime NG is  collection of over 80 components which can be used free under MIT licence. They also offering premium pre-build admin layouts which you can use for your projects as well.


4. Ant Design


 5. Nebular


6. Ngx-bootstrap

Also worth mentioning: