How to check what ads your competition is running on Instagram or Facebook? Or, how to check what ads are served for specific keyword? Here is how...

Facebook have a nice tool which can show you which ads are served from specific advertiser, or which ads are served for specific keyword in specific country. And this tool is absolutely FREE.

This tool can help you to analyse the market and see what your competitions is doing, and to use it is very easy, go to this link:

Select country, select ads category and enter keyword or advertiser name... and boom you will get the list of all currently running ads and on which platforms they are active. Facebook will also show you when this ad is created, which can tell you how long the ad is running and this can be a clear indicator is this ad bringing conversion for that advertiser. If the ad is running for long time, we can be sure that is active because it's profitable.

Another way how to check the running ads on FB for specific advertiser is next:

1. Go to advertiser Facebook page

2. Click on show all in  Page Transparency section (on the left side)

  • Go to their Facebook page
  • Click on show all in Page Transparency section (on the left side)
  • Scroll down and click on Ad Library

And you will see the information about their running ads, Primary country/region location for people who manage that Page, Total spent by Page on ads about social issues, elections or politics...

Hope this tool can be useful for you.