You must be wondering why should i write on Floyk? Isn't it better to write on Medium, LinkedIn or other more popular platforms? I mean no one ever heard about Floyk, right. Actually, WTF is Floyk anyway?


How to make money by writing on Floyk?

Here on Floyk we think that every author should be rewarded for every post he writes, but at the same time these posts should remain free and visible for every single visitor.   

But how to achieve this? Is this even possible?


Well, we think it is.


Most of the bloggers communities are pledging to not show the ads to the users, because ads are evil of modern internet and we should avoid them at any cause. Let's create the ads-free internet,  no-ads... and then, they ask from visitors to pay the "small fee" for the content.


But aren't the ads reason why internet content is still free?


What if we can use these "evil ads" and offer a share or 100% of earnings for every ad displayed bellow the post to the actual author of the post?

Sounds fair? We think it is!


How to include ads to your post

There are 2 ways how you can include ads in your posts.

  • insert affiliate links
  • insert Google Ads (not available yet)


Insert affiliate link

You can act as affiliate (traffic source) for your partner company and be paid every time when a user from your blog post goes to that partner page and buys something. Best examples are or but there are many others. Basically almost every bigger site that is selling something is offering the affiliate program.

While writing the posts, you can easily ad links to your affiliate partners. But be reasonable - we suggest one or two links - only. Everything more than 2 links can be annoying to the user and he will probably not click to any of them. 

Probably he will not share your post as well, which leads to less traffic and less traffic leads to lower number of potentials readers who could click on that link which means - less money for you. 


Google Ads 

This feature is not available yet, but we are working on it!


Benefits of this approach

As you may notice, both of suggested approaches to make money are actually happening outside of Floyk. We do not have any influence on your payments, nor we take any commission from displaying your ads.

Only factor on how much money you are going to earn is the actual number of visitors on your posts.  Floyk has optimized the posts from the SEO point of view, and there are couple of guidelines how to write and structure your post in order to be more SEO friendly:


But the most important thing is the quality of the post. If you write good quality posts users and SEO will recognize that and they will both actually work for you and bring you traffic.

Sure you can push this little more, by sharing the post on the places which could bring new users to your post as well.

For example, if you are writing about programming you can share your link on stackoveflow or other devs social networks. If you write about some other topic, you can find the audience which could be interested in your writings and share your post there. For example: Facebook groups,  Twitter hashtags, Youtube videos .....


Good luck and have fun while writing on Floyk!