@deeptomcruise TikTok account is showing AI face generated videos of Tom Cruise which looks 100% realistic and can trick anyone to believe it is a real thing. I was one of them.

Account popped up on TikTok, not so long ago, with just 3 videos gained more than 350k followers and over 1M likes. 

...it is ALL the real thing


It is not yet clear who is behind this channel, but someone is very good with impersonating the voice of Tom Cruise, or maybe this is generated as well(???) . By using the help of AI his face is replaced with Tom's and all together looks unbelievably realistic!

(fake) Tom Cruise tells story about Russia


These videos triggered all kind of reactions on the internet, some people was very excited how far the technology goes, and some were very worried. 

Rachel Tobac,  CEO of SocialProof Security, warns that deepfakes videos are hard to be recognized as fake by regular users and we need synthetic media detection + labels ASAP.

Videos are considered as indisputable evidence, which makes deepfakes even more dangerous. Skilled individual could impersonate and deepfake a person making all kind of false statements and post it on social networks. It would be really hard for regular user to understand that this is fake video.  

Although there are some detection tools on the internet like https://sensity.ai/  which can identify about deepfake videos, currently this technology is not included in TikTok leaving the user guessing is this real or fake video.

Hopefully these filters will be implemented soon, not only in TikTok but in all social networks.




In the mean time, these videos have been removed from TikTok but the deeptomcruise profile moved to instagram


TikTok - Tom Cruise - deep fake
TikTok - Tom Cruise - deep fake


TikTok - Tom Cruise - deep fake
TikTok - Tom Cruise - deep fake


TikTok - Tom Cruise - deep fake
TikTok - Tom Cruise - deep fake



You wanna learn how to make a deepfake video like this?
Watch this short tutorial:

How to make deepfake video